To return home in the name of love Sunkin Group large-scale public welfare New Year offer in action
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January 31, 2013, there are 9 days away from the Spring Festival, Sunkin Group in Sunkin Oriental Castle Shopping Center held a titled: "in the name of love, return home" large-scale public welfare activities. The activity was initiated by Mr. Fang Xinshan, General Manager of Sunkin Group. The event aims to dedicate love to the society. Activity content: Xia Zhuang street Qin River community of nearly 2,600 residents, and each person can receive a face value of 100 yuan of the Oriental Castle shopping card as the Spring Festival benefits. A warm atmosphere of the activities of the scene, the residents of each community are filled with a happy smile on his face. See the reporter, many residents are surrounded by the expression of the Sunkin Group and the side of the total gratitude, residents have said that Sunkin Group every year to everyone in various forms of welfare, Ms Fang get rich do not forget the folks, So that everybody very impressed and moved. After receiving the total hand-issued shopping card, an old aunt happy, said: "Yesterday received a notice to give us a shopping card, I am excited not to sleep a night sleep, Sunkin Group every year to us The boss is a good man!

       Activity is not over yet, Ms Fang went to the Qin River community primary school ,give 26 teachers sent 500 yuan per person shopping card, the soul of the engineers expressed sympathy and gratitude. The Headmaster Li holding the hands of the total excitement, said: "On behalf of all faculty and students, thanks to Sunkin Group and Ms Fang. Since the school's care and help in primary school construction, Sunkin Group The project is in the construction, the lack of manpower, Ms Fang personally led the construction workers to the construction of primary schools to ensure the progress of the primary school! "I have a clear conscience for the children.

     It is understood that theSunkin Group is Chengyang local enterprises, under the SunKin Real Estate,Sunkin Oriental Castle Shopping Center, Wyndham Hotel,Sunkin property, Sunkin water supply, Aetna heat more than 10 subsidiaries. Since 1999, Sunkin Group has actively participated in various philanthropy undertakings: the main civil engineering construction of small water primary school free of charge, grants scholarships to poor schools, finances impoverished college students, donates money for Sichuan earthquake, donates money for cancer patients, Sick workers to pay love to solve the community life of the residents of the employment difficulties, has donated more than 200 million yuan. Sunkin Group in 2010 the establishment of corporate name charitable fund 10 million yuan, chairman of the deposit side and the establishment of personal charitable fund 100 million, to 2011, Sunkin Group corporate charitable fund to increase to 25 million yuan, Chengyang District has made great contributions to the charity.

      In an interview, the general manager of Fang Xinshan said with emotion: "In the development process of the Xinjiang Group, the chairman and I did not forget that the folks raised us and trained us, so the group every year send the difficultiespeople and cmmunity benefits.In the future development of the road, the Group will continue to increase investment in charity, a better return on all levels of government And the community on Sunkin Group's concern and support. Take this opportunity, on behalf of the chairman and Xin Jiang Group of all employees, to the folks and the people of the island city worship an early age, I wish you family happiness, good health and good luck!

      The public welfare activities for the community residents sent a warm, andpulled into the business and residents, residents and residents of the distance. Some residents said that by the Sunkin Group and the total influence of the party, the future should do more good things, do more good. Through this activity, the distance between people near the heart and the distance between the heart.

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