Sunkin Real Estate is symbiotic with the City
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        Throughout more than a decade real estate battlefield, Chengyang is the "grand view garden" of Qingdao housing., Chengyang is divided of three parts, which is the east urban area, the east new part and southern livable city.But no matter when and where, I have to mention the development of Chengyang southern section in Xia zhuang still cannot avoid such an enterprise, Sunkin group
       the 20 years, the dream weavers of the City
       There is a few enterprises could connect its own development with the urban lifeline together and last long forever...

      Chengyang was built in 1994 and Sunkin group was founded in 1995, as the days went past more than 20 years, Sunkin Group rooted in Chengyang southern area  and forged a deep friendship. In order to solve the drought problem of the masses, Sunkin Group water supply company was founded in 2001; In order to solve the Heating inconvenience of surrounding area, Antai thermal was built in 2008; There was no five-star hotel, and in 2006, Sunkin Wyndham hotel, was springing up. in 2012, Sunkin Oriental Castle; In 2014, Runshengsheng jewelry;In 2015, Sunkin  fight club...For 20 years, the hinterland of originally, became today's prosperity

      Similarly, in the process of urban development, Sunkin group also from the village of small factory to develop and become the real estate, which cover the business, finance, public utilities, property management, jewelry and six major parts in one of the diversified group of companies.
      20 years, Chengyang and Sunkin group are hand in hand to forged a deep friendship

     A decade  living punctuation, the twenty years new standard
      In 2003, Sunkin woody River as the first project of Sunkin group to enter the real estate industry, with high standard, high quality, high requirements for the standard construction, after 13 years, the project still remains intact and elegant 
      Introduce the most advanced technology and the craftsman; the Construction cost is much higher than market price; All no cost to Sunkin is only in order to built bench marking for Chengyang real estate! Of course, Withstand the baptism of time is the real bench marking, and Sunkin woody River underlines it in 13 years.

      Formed own technical team, set up own material supply chain, on cultivating their own nursery...This kind of "high standard, high quality, high demand" stringent standards which was built in woody River and forward in Chateau lafite, GreenWater Flower, Riverside Garden and Rose Garden, and as the 20 years of Sunkin group quality crystal - Guihua Garden, expectations, is bound to in the south of Chengyang to rebuild a new legend!

      In terms of Sunkin group, the understanding of the concept of "living standard", not only stay in the level, the building itself more in need of "carrot and stick". Sunkin group has its own brand property, Sunkin property, since it established, responsible for managing the group's all project, management area of more than hundred square meters, the service of more than 8800 households, and formed a mature management experience and operation mode, the rate is as high as 98%, Woody River, Greenwater Garden, Chateau lafite estate, Greenwater Flower has repeatedly in Xiazhuang street property appraisal, with full marks, and achieved the top three of Xiazhuang real estate property competition. With the Soft service to improve at the same time, Sunkin group consciously assume the responsibility of the urban construction, utilities and other cities of foundation facilities, the deficiency of the endowed schools solve the problem of regional education, the construction of large commercial complex in southern district -- -- Oriental Castle; the Construction of five-star hotel, Sunkin Wyndham Hotel, that is the only five-star hotel in Chengyang which break the embarrassing rumor there is no five-star hotels. As the opinion of Sunkin group, only the "combination of hard and soft, can really sense do to improve the living environment of Chengyang people!

      Not refuse soil that to be mountain. Twenty years made Sunkin Group more and more glory. With one and one bench marking rose up, in 2016, Sunkin group gained recognition from the society, gained the fifth of Qingdao real estate volume and first of Chengyang. In the future, Sunkin group will continue to press forward, and live with the urban together.
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